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The Olympics And Social Media

Winners, Losers and Scandalmongers

Posted on: 25/04/2012   By: Janine Beattie

The Olympics; they're finally coming to London - and only the Olympics can rebrand a year! Last year was ''two thousand and eleven'' and this year is ''two thousand and twelve'' - but actually we all know this year as "twenty-twelve". Why? Because of London 2012 and the Olympics - ah, the power of branding ...

countdown has begun ... as has twitter, facebook and every other social media channel out there

countdown has begun ... as has twitter, facebook and every other social media channel out there

As we slowly count down to the torch coming through lots of local towns, I - like many - am very excited and very proud to be part of such an historic event. As a born and bred South African, although just about to tip the balance of living here in England as long as I lived there, I feel extremely honoured to be part of it - the torch is coming through my town and we are going to have a great summer!

I do feel that I will only ever see the Olympics once in my lifetime. But what also excites me about this Olympics is how Social Media will bring the games even more prevalently into everyone's lives. Facebook and Twitter will be buzzing with the latest news: winners, record breakers - and scandals, whether we like it or not. Social Media will be used in both a positive way and a negative way, so monitoring it will key to the International Olympic Committee's strategy as well as our own London2012 team and I look forward to observing how it will evolve.

I decided to start this blog after I saw this article by Mashable - it's all about this year's Olympics being branded the first "Social Games" and I believe that to be true - we will share more tweets and Facebook posts this summer that we ever imagined! The coolest statistic from this article, if you don't want to read it in its entirety, is on the infographic pinned here here, however to summarise:

"When the last Summer Olympics began in 2008, Facebook was a relative baby, at just 100 million users. When the 2012 Games kick off in London this summer, Mark Zuckerberg's empire will boast more than 845 million members. Likewise, Twitter had 6 million users in 2008; today the network is more than 20 times larger, at 140 million users"

Wow! How powerful is that? What are your thoughts about how Social Media will be used during the Olympics - for good or bad use? Feel free to share your opinions by commenting on this post; I look forward to hearing more! And of course if you'd like to chat to me about how Social Media can help your business, you can reach me on +44 (0) 7811 280754 or alternatively why not email me?

Until next time ...


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