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The Linkedin Publishing Platform

Some do's and don'ts and what it all means ...

Posted on: 18/08/2014   By: Janine Beattie

Earlier this year, Linkedin opened up its publishing platform to allow users to publish content or 'long-form' posts. It meant that you didn't have to be a major Linkedin influencer to get your content distributed ...

The Linkedin Publishing Platform | Some do's and don'ts and what it all means ...

It also opened up a whole new way of expanding your reach within your network. At the time of writing this blog post, this is not open to all Linkedin users but will eventually roll out to everyone.

"You now have the ability to showcase your credibility, thought leadership and add real value to your industry by sharing your views, thoughts and opinions!"

Linkedin Publisher is not the place to spam or hard sell! After all, nobody buys from spammers or hard sellers, do they? It's about creating valuable and attractive content that people will want to read!

Linkedin itself provides a huge amount of support via its help centre and you can take a look here for an overview of long-form posts.

But why have Linkedin introduced the publishing platform? Well, the general Linkedin status updates are no longer seen on your profile and therefore have a very short shelf life. This goes for anything you share to Linkedin too. Links to websites, blogs or other external content are now very time sensitive. Only your connections can potentially see these and only if they're looking at the homepage newsfeed when you post them.

Linkedin Publisher allows other Linkedin users to follow you. Followers are not the same as your 'connections' though. They are Linkedin users who want to read your valuable content.

However, I recommend you carry this with a health warning! Don't publish original content directly onto Linkedin only! Why? Well Linkedin, like all social media channels, is rented land. You don't own it and it could be removed without warning even though Linkedin do specify you own copyrights to all content.

And a further health warning is about publishing duplicate content. For example, you copy your original blog post straight into the Linkedin publishing platform on the same day. Google may see this as duplicate content and because Linkedin has massive domain authority it will penalise your own domain which will drop you down the search engine rankings.

Currently there is no definitive answer as to how Linkedin publishing works with Google over domain authority and duplicate content. It is a widely debated topic within SEO circles. I just feel it's better to be safe than sorry at the moment.

So in order to make the Linkedin publishing platform work for you, I would recommend you do the following:

  1. First and foremost, KEEP YOUR BLOG! (and if you don't have one, get one here!).

  2. Post original content to your blog then a couple of days later, post the content to Linkedin Publisher.

  3. Don't copy and paste your blog posts verbatim as that's just lazy! Have a plan, share blog posts that would be of particular value to your network and will showcase your credibility.

  4. Always add a link to the original article, or even turn it into a short précis of the original article. Linkedin's recommendations are that your article is between 400 - 600 words.

  5. Don't spam or hard sell. You will not make friends that way.

  6. Create a bio at the end of each post.

  7. Make sure you manage your post's comments in the same way you do for your blog.

Remember, it's about showcasing you and your profession, adding value and creating a buzz in a positive and natural way. The potential reach within Linkedin is huge so don't waste it!

If you'd like to know more about the Linkedin publishing platform and how to get the best from it, then call me on 07811 280754 or click here to ping over an email and I'll get back to you.

Until next time ...



My own blog providers, automatically include a précis with each of my blog posts that should be different enough for you to publish to Linkedin without worry of a Google penalty. You may want to find out more ...

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