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Posted on: 21/03/2012   By: Janine Beattie

Continuing in the vein of social media, it's great time to talk Facebook... the dreaded or embraced timeline, the constantly evolving machine, the power it harnesses to propel your business direct to your target audience if part of a cleverly integrated marketing plan - love it or loathe it.. it's here to stay!

feel the love for facebook as your followers increase

feel the love for facebook as your followers increase

Once again we will tackle it from the "that's great, but what about my business?" perspective. We are continuing the case study of Yoga Jo and last week Jana and I started off with LinkedIn and hopefully now all the foundations are set to build on her online presence; if you missed it, you can read the blog post here.

This week we will look at Yoga Jo's Facebook presence. Take a peak at the current page - I will info graphic the before and after when the work is complete and showcase it on Pinterest

So let's start at the beginning; how will Facebook help your business and in the case of Yoga Jo, what will it do for Jana and how can we make it work? We'll kick off with a good picture of Yoga Jo's business objectives and then we can devise a cunning plan as to how Facebook can help. It will not be the silver bullet which provides hundreds of leads immediately or convert into sales - it is only one part of our master social media plan. Yoga Jo is predominately B2C (Business to Consumer) so be mindful that the advantages and disadvantages will vary slightly.

What are we going to do this week to set the foundations? Remember that once your foundations and basics are set, you can conquer many things:

  • Update to the new Timeline Profile so that the look and feel mirror the website; branding is key

  • Make full use of the 3 icons so visitors to Yoga Jo's Facebook page can immediately find what they need

  • Complete the info tab so we are providing as much information as possible; links to websites, qualifications and business values

  • Start engaging with the fans of the page

  • Start providing interesting content

  • Call to action such as "follow Yoga Jo's Facebook page if you are interested in yoga"


  • Be patient

  • Invest half an hour a day or every other day at least engaging with your audience

  • Post regularly

  • Have a Call to Action

  • Change your cover image every few weeks

  • Share information relevant to your industry


  • Get caught up in a numbers game - talk to 10 interested people rather than 100 uninterested people

  • Ignore someone who engages on your page

  • Give a hard sell

  • Change your profile picture - ensure you maintain your brand consistency

So - there you go; some basics to get Yoga Jo set up so that Facebook can be used as a great engagement tool for her business.

Many people share their frustrations with me in keeping up with the changes that regularly occur within Facebook. I'm always pleased to offer them help in grasping a good understanding, so follow me on Facebook and I will endeavour to share and provide advice as it unfolds to paint a solid and clear picture for you. After all, not only is it my area of expertise, it's also my passion!

Until next time ...


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